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Fine Art Portrait Photography in Vienna

By Hajnalka Berényi-Kiss

Meet Hajnalka


Hello there, gorgeous human! I’m Hajnalka, a Vienna-based portrait photographer and visual artist. I'm passionate about crafting unique artistic portraits for my clients.

My work is guided by the search for genuine human connection.

I firmly believe that art is our vessel to connect with ourselves and each other. This belief fuels my dedication to inspire and empower you through portraiture.

Your trust is everything for me, so before your session I take the time to get to know you and guide you through the process. From the very first email until you receive your prints, you have me 100%. I’m the one behind the concepts, the designs, the sourcing of props and costumes, the styling, the sets, the edits, the composing, the colour gradating, the messages, the little videos, and the camera (literally). I’m obsessed with a well-planned project and love meaningful details. This is why I don’t take more than two sessions a month so I can be fully dedicated to providing you with the bespoke experience you deserve.

Empowering women,
one portrait at a time.

I believe you are singularly unique and worthy of being a part of art. Empowering art knows no boundaries, age, skin colour, weight, waist size or pant size. It's up to you to say yes and celebrate yourself. You are a heroine deserving to be seen and have epic portraits of YOU.

My bio would say: loves the dark and dramatic, is borderline order-obsessive, thrives on creative experimentation, enjoys conversational swearing, will make you a good vegan cappuccino.

Kind words from Clients


What I'm about


I’m “la petite Europe’.
Little Europe is what my French Airbnb hosts called me back in the summer of 2014. I confused the hell out of them being a British-sounding Hungarian from Serbia living and working in Vienna. I hold two passports and speak four languages. There. I’m an international mess. Or just really really European. Not quite sure. What I do know is being multilingual and multicultural has thought me to be open and always curious about the stories and experiences of others.

I’m all about connection.
When it comes to my work, I’m convinced that trust and respect are two of the most crucial ingredients to epic portraits. Nothing can replace genuine human connection. I want you to know I genuinely care about what I do and how it impacts those I photograph. You have endless options in booking a photographer, but if you’re choosing me, I’m also choosing you. I limit myself to just a few sessions each month which allows me to focus on your needs and give you the experience you deserve.  I never want you to feel like a number. Your trust is everything to me and I want you to feel seen, valued, and feel like a muse.

The aesthetics I love.
My work is heavily inspired both by Renaissance art and modern cinematography. I can’t help but love Game of Thrones aesthetics. I think quality is more important than quantity because excellence rarely comes in bulk. I feel my most inspired by the people I photograph and creating work that is meaningful to the both of us. I want to create portraits for you that make you feel something, that inspire you and stop you in your tracks. My work exists between beautiful stillness, energetic movement, and genuine emotion. I direct a lot, from head to toe, and have more poses up my sleeve than you can imagine. However, my greatest strength is to make you feel safe and at ease in front of the camera.

I’m a fierce feminist.
People keep telling me I’m calm and composed, which I am, except when being told that women have equality and all the same opportunities. I will listen to you, yes. But I will give you the argument of your lifetime, spiced a sea of examples of sneaky sexism, objectification, body shaming, and straightforward misogyny to prove my point. On request I can provide you with a tailored reading list and stats (coming from an academic background, you see). Or, optionally, I’ll send you a few podcasts. I’m all for tailoring the input.

I’m vegan.
One last fun fact: My body runs on plants; I became vegan before it was cool or easy. It’s been about a decade and I’m still alive and have more muscle than ever (which was never much, but hey, let da girl brag). Apart indulging in vintage shopping if I can, this is my contribution to a healthier and more sustainable planet. So, please expect vegan snacks and a good vegan cappuccino in my atelier.

If you feel I'm the right person to connect and work with, get in touch for a zero-pressure discovery call to chat about your vision.

Awards and Accolades

Not to brag, more like to show you that I deeply care about the art I create. So much so that even experts think it’s fine (art). Pun totally intended.


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